The Problem

Students from low-income communities are too often not being provided with the necessary resources to succeed.  Essential programming is being cut, per pupil expenditures are down and the need for investment in education has never been greater


Only 25 percent of high school students graduate college-ready in the four core subjects of English, Reading, Math, and Science.


Four of every five students who come from low-income households don’t meet reading proficiency requirements.

< 10%

Less than 10% of the bachelor’s degrees awarded across America went to students with a family income below $33,000.


Nationwide, 68% of 8th graders cannot read at grade level. Most of these students will never catch up.

Our Impact

Since 2009 TopSpin has staged thirteen events across four cities, bringing together over 9,000 people and raising $2.4MM for 18 nonprofit partners.

The Charities

Topspin is dedicated to supporting nonprofits to solve the nation’s most pressing child education issues.

A Better Chance


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