About TopSpin

Guided by the principle that every child deserves access to a well-rounded, quality education, TopSpin seeks to provide necessary resources for under served youth to succeed.

By rallying professionals within the sports, entertainment and media industries, TopSpin raises awareness of the education crisis and provides financial support to a group of exceptional nonprofits.

History of TopSpin

TopSpin started in 2009 as a way to settle a debate between friends regarding Ping Pong supremacy. It was enough of an idea that we had a party for folks from the sports business industry and raised money for a terrific nonprofit called "A Better Chance". We've been pretty busy since then; staging thirteen events across four cities, bringing together over 9,000 people and raising $2.5MM for 19 nonprofit partners.


New York City

300 attendees

$85k raised

One charity


New York City

800 attendees

$215k raised

Three charities


NYC / San Francisco / Chicago

1,500+ attendees

$435k raised

Nine charities


New York City

900+ attendees

$265k raised

Three charities


New York City / Las Vegas

1,600+ attendees

$425k raised

Five charities


New York City / Las Vegas

1,750+ attendees

$600k raised

Five charities


New York City / Las Vegas

1,500 attendees

$400k raised

Six charities