TopSpin Scholar

In January of 2015, TopSpin created the inaugural TopSpin Scholar program in conjunction with our partners at Prep for Prep. Each year, TopSpin and Prep for Prep will select one remarkable student for the program, with the goal of helping them along their path to higher education. The program offers financial support and opportunities to ensure personal growth and academic achievement.


Congratulations from all of us at TopSpin on your success thus far at Spence, both in the classroom and in your extracurricular activities. We are very proud to join Prep for Prep in awarding you the distinction of being the first TopSpin Scholar

Parvati Q&A

So you just finished your freshman year at Spence, what did you enjoy most about your first year of high school?

I loved that my first year of high school offered lots of freedom in many senses that middle school did not. I had so many more options to choose when picking clubs and I ended up signing up for about 15 clubs, but at the end of the year I narrowed it down to what I was really interested in. Also, there were more opportunities to socialize with the upperclassmen through sports and extra-curriculars. My parents have also given me more freedom in going out and just hanging out with friends and trust me more.

What is your favorite subject or class you have been exposed to so far?

My favorite subject would definitely be science. I’ve always loved it because it’s a challenge for me but also very exciting. What I’m really interested in is biology and I’m hoping to explore a more specific topic within biology through the independent science research (ISR for short) project that I'm doing all through the rest of high school. Only a few students were selected for this amazing opportunity and I’m so lucky because I feel that this will help me realize what specifically in science interests me.

We know you’re an avid volleyball player, how long have you been playing the sport and what is it about volleyball that you enjoy so much?

I have been playing volleyball since seventh grade and I love it because I’m always improving. It is so much fun to play with my friends and it feels so great to just get my serves or hits over the net. Just this past week I went to a volleyball camp at Columbia University and I met so many amazing people and improved so much in just four days.

Besides volleyball, what is your favorite extracurricular activity, at Spence or outside of school?

My favorite extracurricular activity would have to be debate. I just joined the debate team this year and I have made it to the state championships and went to the Columbia University tournament. I love to debate because we get to prove some overly confident boys wrong! Also it helps with thinking on my feet and just reaching out of my comfort zone when I have to refute a point without quantitative evidence to back it up.

How has working with Prep for Prep helped you the most?

Working with Prep for Prep has helped me the most by preparing me academically for the stress and challenges that come about when managing time and managing my homework. Prep for Prep has also helped in allowing me to interact with many other students who are so different from me and learning how to use those differences to become friends.

Outside of the classroom and extra-curriculars, what is your favorite thing to do for fun?

For fun, I love to walk around the park with my friends just talking and also playing with my dog. I love doing things that keep me active with my family and friends.

Favorite Food?

My favorite food would definitely have to be ice cream. I can have ice cream in any weather.

Favorite band/singer?

My favorite singer is Drake and I recently saw him perform in June!

Favorite actor?

My favorite actress would be Kerry Washington, not because she’s a Spence alumna but she's so great in Scandal and also in some really funny movies.

Favorite movie?

My favorite movie is Gone Girl. I love a good mystery movie.